The Trimble Recon Handheld Computer

The Trimble Recon is an extremely affordable productivity oriented handheld computer, which is specifically designed to assist mobile workers to get more work done while they are out in the field. TDS, a subsidiary of Trimble, first developed this product as a low cost option that could work with applications that can function seamlessly without […]

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The Trimble Ranger 3 Handheld Computer

The Trimble Ranger 3 is the ultimate partner when it comes to outdoor service related applications. These applications range from surveying, field service, construction, forestry to even public safety. This handheld computer is able to perform functions such as data collection, saving the data and even live transmission of the data directly from the field […]

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trimble nomad 900

The Trimble Nomad 900 Rugged Handheld

If you are a lover of technology and are looking for the best handheld computer for you to do your research with look no further. The Trimble Nomad 900 rugged handheld computer offers you the best available computer technology in your hands. With its 806 MHz processor, the long life batteries made of lithium and […]

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Motion R12 Rugged Tablet

This is a review of the Motion R12 rugged tablet geared for those individuals who may perhaps be in the dark over the features and functionalities of this mobile device. To begin, this tablet incorporates a very rugged design and comes with numerous accessories that make it ideal for those people who spend most of […]

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motion c5te rugged tablet

The Motion C5te Rugged Tablet Computer

A hospital or clinical environment is one with complex flow of data in large amounts. All this data is of critical importance to the care taker who adheres to the five rights of patient care: right route, right patient, right medication, right dosage and right time. Keeping track of patient information in a setting where […]

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The Getac Z710 Fully Rugged Tablet

The rugged tablet market has predominantly been the domain of Windows devices, but this has recently changed with the introduction of the Getac Z710 which runs on the Android platform. This device like all the other products manufactured by this innovative firm, is designed to work exceptionally well in virtually any kind of surroundings.It comes […]

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The Getac X500 Rugged Laptop Computer

The following is a Getac X500 review that is geared for those individuals who may be still in the dark over the features of this one-of-a-kind notebook PC. To begin with, this product is undoubtedly numbered among some of the most rugged laptops currently in the market. Thanks to its magnesium alloy chassis the X500 […]

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The Getac S400 Rugged Laptop Computer

If you have ever dropped your computer on the ground, you understand the absolute horror that you face for the few seconds before you assess the damage properly. Most times, your device will be cracked or dented and it will be something you mean about for weeks. It’s a painful thing, you must understand.The invention […]

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The Getac F110 Rugged Tablet

In a world where every product made fights to be better and more relevant than the rest, the rugged machines seem to be coming out on top. Everyone has, at some point, experienced that sickening moment where you watch your valuable electronic device tumble out of your hands and head for the hard unforgiving ground. […]

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